Hiya — Up & Running!

Hello internet.  I’ll soon be posting my first review, so I’d like to write up my mission statement.

Basically, I look around the web and there are a lot of sites that review just movies or just books, and they’re very serious about it.  I’d like to bring together the serious and the silly from many forms of media.

This blog is going to carry reviews of some of my all-time favorites and a lot of things I’ll have seen for the first time–some new, some not (yup, this thing is going to give me a great excuse to sit around and watch and read interesting stuff all day). This is what I like–or occasionally what I don’t like–and it’s my hope that you’ll find some things to enjoy that you might not otherwise have seen.

So let me know your thoughts, your favorites, and your recommendations!

3 responses

  1. Will you be doing any reviews of some of the BBC or British produced mystery series, like Wallender ? I really like them, but don’t know much about the series. Thanks


    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed the review! I will definitely definitely be reviewing British mystery/crimes shows, as I’ve watched a lot of them and generally prefer them to American crime shows. I haven’t see Wallander yet, so I’ll have to watch it and write it up!


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