Happy Birthday Sir David Attenborough!

Got to take a quick break from Sherlock month to wish naturalist David Attenborough a Happy Birthday! (March 8th–and he’s 88, wow.)


One of these days I’ll get around to posting my review of his audiobooks, which are fabulous.  His whole body of work, really, is excellent, and Attenborough basically re-invented the “nature documentary”, influencing the attitude of generations of people towards the world around them for the better–myself included.

Music: Road Trip Time (again)

All this week I’m going to be traveling up and down the East coast, so I think I’ll post a “Some of My Favorite Road Trip Songs” list.  Good music is a traveling essential–more important than the food even.  I can handle a lousy breakfast sandwich, but lousy music?  The words “cruel” and “unusual” come to mind…

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Just watched the new Star Trek trailer.  It looks pretty sweet I must say.  Given that I loved the first of the Star Trek re-boots and that I’m a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, I’m getting a little giddy.  Geek-out time!